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How to spread the word about Walk MS:



Digital Downloads

Badge/IM Icon | Email Signature | Banners | Wallpaper | E-Cards | Videos | Facebook Timeline Banners 


Use as your Walk MS picture on IM or your blog.

SectionDownload Badges/IM Icons

Email Signature


Spread the word about Walk MS whenever you send an email.
Link the image back to your personal fundraising page.

Download Email Signature



Use a Walk MS banner on your website or blog.



Keep Walk MS in mind with a wallpaper for your desktop.

Download Wallpaper


  Ask your friends and family to join you or donate with a Walk MS E-Card.



View the videos below and send them to your family and friends to help you in your Walk MS fundraising efforts and team recruitment. Copy and paste the URL from YouTube or use the embed link to post videos to your website and emails.

Walk MS Fundraising Video
Use this link to share this video with friends and family:

Carrie donate video.JPG

Walk MS Recruitment Video
Use this link to share this video with friends and family:

Carrie recruit video.JPG



Facebook Timeline Banners

Right-click and save an image below and upload it to Facebook in the new Timeline format. Show everyone on Facebook that you are participating in Walk MS...right on your profile page! 

Thank you to our national sponsors

Become a Sponsor

Live Events

Please check back as events are added regularly!